Terms and conditions

Tohu Terms of Use

This is the official logo for the Matariki public holiday in Aotearoa. Our logo celebrates the cluster itself. It symbolises how Matariki weaves us all together as a people, interconnected through our past present and future. If you’re interested in learning more about the meaning and significance of Matariki to Māori one place to start is in the Te Kāhui o Matariki Public Holiday Act. See the relevant section in te reo Māori here, and in English here.

This logo is a copyrighted work which was commissioned by The Office for Māori Crown Relations – Te Arawhiti in association with the Matariki Advisory Group and designed by Extended Whānau.

We grant you a license to use this logo so long as you comply with the following terms:

  • Matariki is deeply entwined with Māori culture. We therefore ask that this logo is used respectfully for genuine purposes to support, celebrate and educate people about Matariki.
  • This logo is the awesome creation of Tāmaki Mākaurau design company Extended Whānau. We ask that you respect what they have created by not altering or modifying the logo other than as permitted in these guidelines.
  • Matariki is a community event and we want everyone to be able to share in it. This logo is free to use but must not be used for commercial gain. This means you can use the logo for your own purposes such as posting on social media or hosting events to celebrate Matariki but you may not use the logo to make money, such as selling items with the logo on them for a profit. If you aren’t sure whether your use is for commercial purposes or not please feel free to get in touch with us at matariki@mch.govt.nz.
  • When using this logo we ask that you bear in mind a few cultural and practical considerations to ensure the mātauranga (knowledge) behind this logo is respected. Please avoid using the logo on food, and in areas where it could be easily dirtied, damaged or destroyed. This includes using the logo on the floor where people walk. This logo must not be used in association with alcohol, gambling, fast food or tobacco.

If we find that you have used the logo in breach of these terms we may terminate your license to use the logo, and request that you immediately stop using the logo and delete or destroy any copies of the logo in your possession.

Printing your own merchandise

Manatū Taonga Ministry of Culture & Heritage is able to grant a license to use the Mānawatia a Matariki tohu to print your own merchandise (t-shirts, hoodies, bags etc.) for your whānau, marae, school, sports team, workplace or community group as long as there is no profit mark up applied. You must also use the tohu consistently with our terms of use and brand guidelines.

You must organise your own supplier for the merchandise and screen printer.

You may recoup the cost of paying for the merchandise and screen-printing from members of your organisation but you must not charge a mark up or make a profit off this. The license to use the tohu has been provided on these terms and could be revoked if you use the license for commercial gain. The tohu has been provided on a high trust basis and we ask that you respect the kaupapa and do not make a profit off it.

Please apply for use of this tohu at matariki@mch.govt.nz